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Guy Should be Dead

This guy attempted a 100′ cliff dive at The Devils Punchbowl.  He’s lucky to be alive.

Icy Street

An icy bridge causes multiple accidents.  I like how the SUV that hit the sign just keeps on going.  Screw paying the city 500 bucks for a new sign.

First Date Honesty

A couple at the end of their first date gets down to business.

Alexey Shcheglov – Rush

Here is the “Rush” dubstep video, some good scenery in here as well.

Afghanistan Helicopter Crash Video Goes Viral

Major news networks have gotten hold of a video, appearing to have been taken with the cell phone of a member of the United States Army, that depicts a incredible crash of an American AH-64 Apache helicopter in Afghanistan. The...

Your Six Drunk Personalities

This is so true, you know you have been there before.

Scatman Dance

Dance contestant leaves it all on stage.

Chris Brown: American Superhero

The heroic adventures of America’s favorite superhero, Chris Brown! Some of the dialogue in this video is taken directly from Chris’ Twitter post after his Grammy win, as well as the Chris Brown / Rihanna police rep...

How to Properly Pour a Guinness

With St. Patrick’s Day only just behind us, broken glass and stomped cans from eagerly consumed bottles and cans of Guinness can still be found on city streets across North America. While the international love of this distin...

8-bit Soup: Retro Gaming Made Hilarious

While some of the younger gentlemen among us count video games like Final Fantasy VII and Tekken among their favorite retro titles, the more aged of our readers will need to look back a little further to focus their minds on th...

iPhone 5 Rumors to Tide You Over

If you’re an Apple fanboy, the recent release of the new iPad may very well be leaving you with feelings of emptiness and forlornness; with no new toy to look forward to, what’s to keep you getting up every morning? Eight m...

How to Cure a Hangover

While most of us know the answer to this age old question, pretty much all of us don’t agree. If you don’t want a hangover, don’t drink. But what fun is that? The trick is to balance your fluid and food intake...

Recreation vs Re-Creation

Remember that one time…? You’ve all heard, told, ignored, heard again.. the same stories, told time and time again, about how awesome things used to be. How we wish we could go back and do it all over again, just li...

3 Tips that will help you Seal the Deal

In their pursuit to seal the deal, I see many guys making the same critical mistakes while you’re out in your groups. One of those mistakes is letting her get bored. She’s out for a reason. Here are a few pointers t...

Young, Wild and Free

Snoop Dog, Bruno Mars, and Wiz Khalifa in Young, Wild and Free. © 2011 WMG Directed by: Dylan Brown. Mac and Devin Go To High School

Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Yes, this is for real!  Click Here To Get Yours Today

Reporter Walks Into Pole While Trying to Interview Lawyer

  CTV News Reporter Kent Molgat Walks into Pole

Best College Commercial. Ever.

  Henry & Aaron ‘It’s a Snap!’ Digital Short Written and Directed by Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann. Produced by Lauren Elliott. © Perfectly Adequate 2012.

6 Car Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts for Men

Ah, gift buying; some of us love it, others not so much, and all of us find it stressful. Whether the man you’re buying for is one who has everything or one who wants for nothing to begin with, your goal is to locate, purchas...