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2 Kick-Ass Home Aquariums

Want a pet that adds a cool factor to your crib but doesn’t carry a risk of defacating on your carpet? Cats and dogs are cute but busy men often turn to fish for animal companionship simply because they are well-contained, qu...

Tim Burton Outs Trailer for Dark Shadows

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaborations; love them or hate them, they always present an unusual and creative approach towards film-making. Their latest joint effort, Dark Shadows, tells the story of Barnabas Collins (Depp), a...

The New iPad: Under the Microscope

The latest iteration of Apple’s iPad tablet computer has been released to its expected fanfare of long lineups and general fanboyism, but many average users have been left wondering what exactly the iPad (somehow not to be co...

George Clooney Arrested

George Clooney and his father Nick were arrested on the steps of the Sudan Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Friday as the men joined protesters working to convince American officials to provide aid to Sudan in the face of a growi...

Katy Perry Firework – A Capella Cover

  Well done capella cover of Katy Perry’s Firework song remade by Mike Tompkins.

Poolside Douchebaggery

  Few cool guys dancing at a poolside bar.

LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

  Sorry For Party Rocking by LMFAO Released: Jun 21, 2011

Best College Commercial. Ever.

  Henry & Aaron ‘It’s a Snap!’ Digital Short Written and Directed by Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann. Produced by Lauren Elliott. © Perfectly Adequate 2012.

Best of Kenny Powers from Seasons 1 & 2

  A great compilation of Kenny Powers clips from Season 1 & 2.