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The New iPad: Under the Microscope

Posted March 19, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

The latest iteration of Apple’s iPad tablet computer has been released to its expected fanfare of long lineups and general fanboyism, but many average users have been left wondering what exactly the iPad (somehow not to be confused with the original iPad) has to offer them that their still nearly new iPad 2 cannot.

While most of the new iPad’s hardware has seen an upgrade over that offered by earlier incarnations of Apple’s flagship device, the real boost comes in the form of the so-called “retina display,” a screen packing a whopping 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. While the difference can be seen simply by comparing photograph, app and video views on the two devices side-by-side, one man has taken it upon himself to show us all the real nitty-gritty of all of those extra pixels by putting the respective screens of the iPad 2 and new iPad beneath a digital microscope.

Magnified 80x, the difference becomes suddenly clear; the new iPad quite obviously packs much smaller pixels onto that small 9.7 inch screen, giving it the ability to show everything from your photographs to in-game effects in a crisper, clearer and more satisfying way.

So is it worth an upgrade simply because of this fantastically pixelated screen? Only your wallet and your eyeballs can know for sure but you can rest assured that this is one very sweet display.


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