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Today is Angry Birds Space Day!

Posted March 22, 2012 by kennyp in Apps

It’s been a long while since the release of Angry Birds Rio – too long in the opinions of the millions of Angry Birds fans anxiously awaiting the next installment of the series. Well, today marks the big day: welcome to space.


The latest Angry Birds title brings a whole new kind of physics to the game’s memorable control system, using gravity as a major force to allow your birds to perform all kinds of new feats from otherwise impossible angles. With all events taking place in open space, small planets and asteroids are used to create varying types of gravity fields, often becoming complex enough to force a pause as you attempt to discern a usable strategy for each level.


Because it does an excellent job of combining new mechanics with the tried, tested and well-loved functionality of the first three Angry Birds titles, Angry Birds Space is guaranteed to be a big hit with diehard fans of the franchise as well as those meeting the feisty fowls for the very first time.

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